Wednesday, July 11, 2007


John McCain very publicly and very deliberately risked his presidential campaign with his support of an unpopular war.

It's looking more and more like his campaign has been blindsided and all but killed by his support of an unpopular immigration bill.

Just saying.



Dad29 said...

I mildly disagree with your first assertion--that he 'risked...on the war.'

I think McCain's position on the war is eminently defensible and was perfectly in accord with mainstream (R) thought. So obtaining the nomination would not be horrifically difficult.

However, (as you note) he blew that away with his ImmBill problem

Shack said...

I agree with you about the sentiment in the GOP base. The risk was more in the general election--I'm sure that's what he was thinking of when he came out and pretty much said, "I don't care if it means I don't get elected, I'm supporting this war."

(And, for what little it's worth, the mainstream media is indeed blaming his tailspin on his support of the war--which just goes to show how little they get the GOP base.)