Tuesday, February 03, 2009

That "pro-choice" electorate

You take your silver linings where you find them.

President Obama, as widely expected, rescinded the Mexico City policy, which had cut off federal funding for overseas groups providing abortions. Pro-life groups, as widely expected, strongly denounced the move.

Gallup notes something that wasn't as widely expected, though.

Pollsters found that, of seven early actions by the Obama administration, the ending of the Mexico City policy was by far the least popular. It garnered an overall approval rating of only 35%--59% among Democrats, 8% among Republicans, and 33% among independents.

Only one-third of the swing vote approved of what is, without question, one of the mildest pro-choice steps our new President could possibly take.

The pro-life movement faces an uphill battle in the wake of the '08 elections, without question.

However, the hill may not be quite as steep as some (myself included) had feared.


(H/T: Drudge)

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