Sunday, January 21, 2007

Worth a look?

Interesting proposal in today's Arizona Republic, proposing a three-country energy alliance between the US, Canada, and Mexico.

I'm not sure whether it would work, but it does look interesting, particularly the potential benefits for developing Mexico's economy:

Investment in Mexico's Peninsula de Atasta, an ethanol plant in Iowa or a hydroelectric plant in Quebec enriches customers for whom the United States is a primary source of both manufactured goods and services, including tourism.

A wealthier Mexico also means more visitors to the parks of Orlando and Anaheim, the golf resorts of Phoenix or to shop at Houston's Galleria. Canadians, for their part, flock first to New York, Arizona, California or Florida when they have extra change to spend.

The ancillary effects, the impact on our societies, of secure energy production cannot be underestimated. Today, we are witnessing a massive shift of manufacturing to regions outside North America that increasingly secure their energy in the dirtiest forms possible, often from some of our nation's most resolute opponents. This explosion in production does not much benefit America's industries; instead, China's major non-commodity imports come from nearby Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Far better for the United States and Canada if a new energy boom were to supercharge the Mexican economy. A Mexico that creates jobs and funds education, roads and other basic infrastructure investments represents a twofold boon. It generates new markets for American businesses, and it undermines the root causes of why so many Mexicans seek a better future in the United States and, increasingly, in Canada. (Emphasis mine)

Could this be it? Is this the solution to the immigration problem we've been looking for?