Monday, November 14, 2005

The* Last* Charge* of* the* Shift-8* Brigade*

Yesterday saw what will presumably be the final word in the saga of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's infamous "asterisk" editorial. Columnist Gregory Stanford, who penned the editorial on behalf of the board, outed himself as the author in order to mount one last defense of the indefensible.

Stanford cast the controversy as a collision of two schools of thought--one, the "colorblind school," hopelessly mired in "racial fantasy;" the other, the "race-conscious" school, "deal[ing] with the world as it is"--and devoted the meat of his column to matching the two schools up against one another.

Dissecting each of his "comparisons" would render this blog entry unwieldily large (suffice it to say that I'd like to know where he got the hay for all those strawmen) but there is one more "colorblind fantasy" that I wish he'd bothered to address:

Colorblind view: The asterisk carries an implied meaning in present-day American culture of inauthenticity, illegitimacy, and in some instances even fraudulence; barring evidence of impeachable conduct, it should never be applied to a public official, in any context.

Race-conscious view: ...?

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